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INVESTITURE CEREMONY : The Election Campaign culminated with the investiture ceremony on the 25th of June 2019. Election was held on 14th June for the School Pupil Leader (SPL), ASPL, Sports, Arts, Discipline. Parliament Leaders for the school were elected through secret balloting system i.e. Electronic voting machine. “ A good leader not only leads but also inspires others through his actions” The glorious ceremony commenced with the welcoming of the Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Shiju Malayil the Dean of Christu Jyothi College. The new elected leaders marched in procession to the stage for pinning of badges and followed by Oath taking. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering with his words of wisdom and encouragement. He advised the new leaders, that they should be the leaders in word and deed and to have integrity of character. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Sr. Mariatta, Sr. Julitta and Sr. Anitha.

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