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Assisi school provides facilities of transportation by school buses for the needed students. The pick-up points will be determined by the school authorities. Only those parents who are satisfied with the arrangements of pick-up points can apply for the school bus service. Parents are requested to excuse us for any inconvenience caused due to unforeseen situations like traffic jams and unexpected interruptions in the services.

. School bus fees are to be paid as per rules same like the school fees.

. Please make sure that the bus fees are paid on the stipulated dates, to avoid the situation of denying entry to those students.

. Prior permission should be sought in case of any changes in the pick-up and dropping points from the school office by requesting letter.

. Only in this permitted cases, the fee will get calculated with the new pick-up and dropping points.

. Students those who have enrolled their names for bus facility should make use of it for the entire academic year. Prior intimation must be given to the school authorites if the student wants to receive or stop the school bus service in case of specific reasons. Payment of the bus fee of that particular term will be inevitable in both cases.

. Respect and respond positively when required and pertinent request and suggestions are made by the bus driver or the person in charge.

. Students are expected to keep up the decorum at the time of journey in school bus by refraining themselves from all misbehaviors (fighting, using immoral languages etc.,)

. Please note that students adhere to the safety rules without fail. Do not extend your head, hand etc.